Annual Sitewide Sales

We have several recurring sitewide promotions each year. These sales are not attached to any firm dates, and most slide a bit each year to suit the international calendar and our internal marketing schedule. We prefer to keep things flexible in case a delivery slips or we have a conflict or a last-minute change.

Here are some guidelines that can help you when setting your own release or promotion schedule.

  • Early January: New Year, New Game occurs in the first half of January. It tends to focus on quickstarts, intro adventures, and “starter pack” bundles for game systems.
  • Early March: GM's Day is one of our three biggest annual sales, with substantial discounts on a huge swath of titles.
  • May: Pathfinder / Starfinder — Throughout the month of May, we host steep discounts and bundles for both Pathfinder and Starfinder products. 
  • Late July: Christmas in July is another of our top three biggest annual sales. It usually starts the Thursday before July 25.
  • Late August: Spooky savings on the Cthulhu Mythos and other Cosmic Horrors.
  • All of September: Our September System/Setting Sales focus on one or two major game systems or settings for the entire month, with broad sales on all titles for that system or setting.
  • Mid- to Late October: We generally hold a Halloween Sale in the mid- to latter part of the month. Usually the focus is on Horror titles of some kind.
  • Early November: We hold the Teach Your Kids Sale at the beginning of November. This promotion features child- and family-focused games only. 
  • Late November: Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales take place around the U.S. Thanksgiving Day weekend. This promotion has grown over the past few years to challenge GM's Day and Christmas in July as our biggest of the year. We usually have a wide array of titles on sale for the entire weekend, with separate sets of headliner/doorcrasher items at very deep discounts for each of “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday.
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