Improving Your Partner Page

Customizing your publisher page, or storefront, is the best way to stand out among thousands of other publishers, and provides a great opportunity for you to cultivate a strong brand.

Upload a Publisher Logo

A publisher logo helps customers quickly identify you and reinforces your brand. If you don't have the resources to hire a graphic designer, consider using Canva or another free image editor to create a clear and clean logo. Once you have one, you can upload it under Publisher account and payment settings.

Manage Publisher Page Appearance

If you are a verified publisher, you can compose a unique description for yourself to be displayed at the top of your publisher page. Be creative and be authentic! This is an excellent way for customers to learn more about who you are and why you create. You can find this tool under the Manage publisher page appearance page.

Manage Product Line Categories

Use the Manage your product line categories tool to categorize and sort titles into different product lines. You can then use the Manage publisher page appearance tool to set up descriptions for those categories, directing customers right towards the content they're most excited to pick up. 

Manage Footers

Finally, once you have your publisher page and product lines organized and displayed prominently, you can also use the Manage footers for your titles tool to build custom footers, either for individual products or for product lines. Footers are a great way to promote your other products, a whole product line, or cross promote with other vendors.


All of this does require a bit of work, but it guarantees you'll make a great and lasting impression. For a fantastic example of how these tools can be used to create an organized and professional storefront, check out the Chaosium page on our site. Kudos to them for taking the time to personalize their publisher page!

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